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Terms & Conditions

1.) Interpretation

In these conditions of sale except where the context otherwise requires: - "The Company" shall mean Stone Supermarket Limited.

"The Buyer" shall mean any person who contracts with The Company for the supply of goods by The Company and where one person contracts with The Company on behalf of or as agent for another, shall be deemed to include all persons.

"The Goods" shall mean any goods or service supplied by The Company including any material with such goods as packaging.

2.) Quotations

Quotations are given in good faith and are based on current costs. The quoted price shall be subject to amendments in the event of alterations of the manufacturers price, currency fluctuations or additional charges arising.

3.) Availability

The Company shall be under no liability for not supplying The Goods ordered if supplies of such Goods are not available to The Company and will not be liable for any costs that might be incurred through non-availability.

4.) Delivery/Templating & Fitting

A.) Delivery time shall not be the essence of the contract.

B.) The Company will make reasonable efforts to comply with quoted delivery or templating & fitting times, but it shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil delivery or fitting on or before the quoted time. Any arrangements made by The Buyer in anticipation of delivery or fitting shall be at the risk of The Buyer.

C.) At the time of delivery, The Goods shall not be carried into the property unless fitting is to commence. The Goods shall be left outside the property where The Buyer recommends (applies to supply only orders). The Company will not be liable for any costs that might be incurred as a result of The Goods left outside and any personal injuries occurred whilst lifting The Goods.

5.) Stone Variations

A.) The Goods are supplied within the manufacturers tolerance limits of size, texture and colour variation. Granite and other stone goods are supplied subject to natural variations. Any thickness or size limitations must be stated at the time of placing order.

B.) No guarantee is given that the colour shades of The Goods supplied will match accurately the colour shades of previous orders.

6.) Force Majeur

The Company shall not be liable for any loss occasioned by act of nature, war, riot, fire, strike, change of government control of requisitions, change of law, abnormal weather conditions, accident, breakdown or other situations beyond our control.

7.) Payment Of Account

A.) A deposit of 25-50% of the total quotation sum is required to secure an order. Once the confirmation is signed and the relevant amount is paid, an ideal date for templating & fitting or delivery of The Goods will be arranged by our associates.

B.) Balance of payment is payable upon the delivery of The Goods/upon completion of fitting. The Goods will be delivered or fitted upon cleared funds.

C.) Payment is to be made by cash, bankers draft, certified cheque, building society cheque or personal cheques. All cheques are to be made payable to Stone Supermarket Limited.

8.) Notification of loss or damage

A.) On discovering any defects in The Goods, The Buyer shall immediately give written notice to The Company and enable The Company to investigate fully the complaint.

B.) All Goods must be inspected at time of delivery or fitting as claims will not be entertained afterwards.  Goods signed "unchecked" or otherwise will not be accepted as a "get out" clause.

C.) The Company shall not be liable for any claims made in respect of costs incurred in replacing or re-fixing damaged or faulty goods.

D.) The Goods shall be at the risk of The Buyer or their agent at the moment of arrival of The Goods.

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